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Yours Truly (Hardcover)

Tattoos, my sisters and Bluebell. That's all I need.

Until Trace Calhoun speeds into town in his ridiculous sports car, crop top, hot bod and womanizing ways.

Did I mention he's my new mentor at the tattoo shop?

Yep. Bickering, rude comments and drama aside, like every foolish female heart since the dawn of time, I fall for him.

Only, Ivy Ellington won't stand for the booze and babe filled benders. Nope.

He's had a life of luxury before Bluebell, being the star of his own reality show. But here, with me, his attitude doesn't work.

I'll give him what he needs.

I'll give him the discipline he's begging for.

And he'll like it. He'll get addicted to it.

Because a woman in control is what Trace needs.

I'm what Trace needs.

He'll see.

Yours Truly (Hardcover)

Ships the second week of August