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i'm daisy jane, and i write contemporary romance with kink. most of my stories are small town romances with a flare for the taboo and forbidden. i'm in a situationship with amazon, and you can find my books in kindle unlimited!


Daisy Jane

I've been a writer for as long as I can remember. growing up, i wrote stories in notebooks and diaries, and when the internet came along, i started writing in forums. fanfic gave way to short stories, which turned into original serial installments. now i'm writing contemporary romance with kink exclusively on amazon.

when i'm not writing, i'm an avid reader, both eyeball and audio. i love being outdoors, camping, funk music, true crime, graphic design, calligraphy and more reading :)

i live in sunny and beautiful california with my husband and our daughters. 

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being an indie author is a full time job,

and i couldn't do it without my team

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