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Waiting for Coach

My life is in the toilet when I’m kissed by a random stranger at the park. A very yummy stranger, I might add. But before I learn his name, he’s gone. While waiting to pick up my boarding school uniform, I think about how I’ll never see my delicious park-kiss again when he walks in. The man from the park. And whoa—he’s even hotter than I remembered. And we kiss again. And I don’t want to quit kissing him.

A bad year behind me, I’m excited to be going back to school, ready to move forward with a clean slate. But before I can even start anew, I find out I’ve kissed a student not once but twice. And not just any student, a runner, one of my athletes. I can’t afford to throw away my job after everything that’s happened. I can’t put my family through any more. But when we see each other at school, the heat of our attraction burns too bright to ignore. Can we keep it secret so I don’t lose everything again? Or will I lose her?

Waiting for Coach is slow burn age gap full-length sports romance novel with love letters, secrets, steam and much more.

Waiting for Coach