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Stuck With Tuck (Hardcover)

He's an adult film star.

She's the artist hired to turn him into a toy.

When the top grossing adult film star, Tucker Deep, has the opportunity to hire an artist to turn him into a toy for the masses, he knows just who to hire.

Vienna Carnegie, an art student with big dreams and even bigger debt, takes the job for the cash, not expecting to broaden her artistic horizons... and definitely not expecting to fall in love with a porn star.

What happens when you fall for a man who belongs to everyone? Who performs the most intimate act with others, for others?

Stuck With Tuck is the first interconnected standalone in the Crave & Cure Productions series.

Author's Note: Please visit the reading guide on the author's website for all content warnings and other information.
For Adult Readers.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: The hero of this book will be having relations with other men and women in this book, due to his job as an adult film star. Emotionally, he is devoted to the heroine, but there are scenes of multiple/different relations. Stuck With Tuck explores themes of s3x work, healthy s3x work, voyeurism, fate and family. Please read accordingly.

Stuck With Tuck (Hardcover)