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Where Violets Bloom


This is the only way I can make sure she’s safe. And she has to be safe.

My feet are quieter than a whisper as they trudge along the asphalt. She doesn’t look at me until we’re nearly toe-to-toe, because she walks her with her beautiful head tipped down.

That’s something I’m going to change.

I grab her quickly, so fast that she doesn’t even have the chance to make a sound. I’ve got her cuffed and gagged in just moments, and in the back seat of my SUV just as quick.

It’s true how it’s always recounted; it always happens so fast.

She struggles against my hands and I hold her shoulders until she’s out of fight, which only takes a minute. I’m scaring her right now. But I’ll make it right.

And this is for her own good.

She will see.

Violet with the emerald eyes.

Where Violets Bloom is Book 1 in the Men of Paradise series.

Where Violets Bloom