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I'll Do Anything

My bully, my tormentor
The only man ever to both torture me
and make my body hot with his lips.
We've come face to face after ten years apart.
He wants forgiveness... but how badly?
How far will he go for absolution?
How far will he go for me?

For ten years I've punished myself for what I did
I've worked hard to become a new man
To move on from the ugly person I once was
I know she'll never want me how I want her
But I can't move on until she forgives me.
I live for her forgiveness.
When she asks me what I'll do for it?
I tell her the absolute truth.
I'll Do Anything.

I’ll Do Anything is a dark, slow-burn standalone with bully to lovers, small town romance and soft femdom tropes.


For ADULTS only.

I'll Do Anything