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After the Storm

At his motorcycle shop End of the Trail, Broken Wheel MC member Marshall Grant is in charge.


As the head of his household and the man who raised his three siblings, he is in charge.


When he's shredding asphalt on his Fatboy, he's in charge.


In all aspects of his life, Mars is in charge.

Until one night under the moon, when he met Sheriff Dave Ingram.

In order to be with Dave, Marshall had to relinquish his comfortable grip on control.

For years, Marshall tabled his dream relationship to have a relationship with the man he loves, hoping one day the two of those things would become one.

On the night they're slated to show their small town just who they are, a storm rolls in.

The storm brings a flurry of wind and rain, and stirs up even more regret and pain.
But when the sun overtakes the shade, it sheds light on glaring questions facing them.
Can their love survive After the Storm?

After the Storm is a MM full-length standalone novel with a dose of angst and a side of steam. It is book two in the Oakcreek Series, with Dave and Marshall making appearances in the book one, I'll Do Anything. This book can easily be read as a standalone. 


For ADULT readers only. 

After the Storm