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The Brazen One

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eBook, Paperback, Discrete Paperback, Audiobook


November 15, 2022

You know what they say,
Opposites attract.

Goldie Hawn Berry has always been bubbly and fun, just like the woman she was named after. When a devastating trauma leaves her single, broke and jobless, Goldie loses herself. And when things come back into focus, she doesn't like what she sees.

Atticus Winters is a forty-two-year-old no-nonsense mechanic with zero intention of being someone's other half. He's perfectly fine torturing himself over his past, and being grouchy to everyone around him.

When their friends become a couple, Goldie and Atticus are forced to be in each other's lives. They both have healing to do but the similarities end there--with one grump and one ray of sunshine, these two are completely different.

But you know what they say, opposites attract.

The Brazen One is Book Two in the Wrench Kings series, and is an interconnected standalone.

Author's Note: Please visit the reading guide on the author's website for all content warnings and other information.
For Adult Readers.

The Brazen One is an interconnected standalone and book two in the Wrench Kings series.

It is available in Kindle Unlimited, ebook, man chest paperback as well as gorgeous discrete paperback.

Coming to audiobook with duet narration featuring Ryan West as Atticus.

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