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eBook, Paperback


December 23, 2021

Release was my first stab at MMF, and I believe my first full-length novel to include MM!

I was heavily inspired to write this entire story based off a seven minute "adult movie" clip I saw. The characters were physically based on the men in the movie, but the rest of it was another story I'd had brewing in my head after writing Unexpected. Some of the ideas that didn't end up going into that duet made it here, into Release.

Gennedy was a name I found online that had a meaning relating to the book, so I chose that. When my girlfriend and I were taking a walk one day, I told her I'd chosen the name Gennedy and she said she actually knew someone growing up with that name! I had never heard it before.

I originally wrote this with out of sequence flashbacks but the night before it went live, my proofreader said it was confusing, so I moved it all around on the floor of my office and published it in sequence.

I think it's a good story both ways, but maybe I should have trust my gut.

I adore this cover!

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