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After The Storm

Project type

eBook, Paperback


November 1, 2021

When I was writing book one of the Oakcreek Duet, I'll Do Anything, I knew I wanted Dave to have his own story. The supporting best friend character usually gets their own story but because, in this book, the bestie was male, I wanted his story to be unique.

I decided to give them a meet cute via flashback, but to start Dave and Marshall's story at a low point. Can only come up from there, right?

After The Storm has some of my favorite tropes to read: help you recover, relationship in trouble, proving my love, earning your trust.

Marshall has made appearances in other books, as well as Dave. You can find them both in I'll Do Anything and Undeniable. You can find Dave in The Wild One as well.

This my only full length MM novel and it was so challenging to write because it was so layered. Each person fighting internal and external battles, but coming together stronger... this book is in my top 5 of books I've written!

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